What’s The Buzz About Nvidia GEOFORCE RTX Studio?

What's The Buzz About Nvidia GEOFORCE RTX Studio?

Post Twitchcon you might be wondering why all the buzz about GEOFORCE RTX Studio from Nvidia? Is it really that big of a deal or is it just another ploy to get you to upgrade your machine? The G-Style team wants to break it down for you in real terms that make sense for digital and creative pros. If you’re tech savvy you’ll enjoy the data, if you’re not that’s okay we’re going to make this series super relevant in terms of how Nvidia GEOFORCE RTX Studio helps your workflow in real world applications, like Adobe Premiere Pro 2019.

Designed for ultra light, ultra performance laptops

If you’ve noticed almost all high and ultra performance laptops are incredibly light and thin to meet the growing demands of portable computing. The Nvidia GEOFORCE RTS Studio GPU (graphics processing unit) was made to work with the sleek systems, like the GIGABYTE AERO series. This ultra powerful GPU has onboard AI to help run the most demanding editing and 3D modeling software.

Say goodbye to your workstation

Emphasis on portability, let’s face it the gig economy is here to stay for a while, which means creatives need on the go powerful laptops capable of all the heavy lifting. The AERO series of laptops were designed for serious creative workflows and GIGABYTE ensures that each and every unit is Nvidia RTX Studio Certified. You can’t afford stutter, chugging and lag, let alone crashes when you’re designing and rendering large files in programs like Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Premiere Pro 2019, Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 16, Maxon Cinema 4D, or Autodesk Maya with Arnold. The RTX Studio Certification is extra assurance that the AERO series laptops operate at optimal performance because each unit is specifically calibrated for use with the GEOFORCE RTX Studio GPU. So what does this mean for creatives? Lightening fast refresh rates, real time editing with ease and seriously fast render speeds.

Take a look at the data from Nvidia on speed tests| FPS = Frames Per Second


The G-style team will be on hand with all the software loaded on our AERO series creator laptops at Adobe Max in Los Angeles, CA November 4-6 so creatives can experience this leap in creative computing hands on.